A Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Directive are designed to facilitate in the proper distribution of your estate and wishes. Appointing executors, agents, trustees and guardians to carry out all financial, parental, and health care directives as well as all other wishes is important to set up now so to preserve the assets that you do have. Having appropriate documents in place now will also ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness after you pass rather than depleting your assets on unnecessary court fees. The probate process in Texas is set up so that family members entrusted with the important task of caring for a loved one's estate and carrying out his or her wishes can do so with relative ease but you must have a few documents in place for this.  We appreciate that our clients have other matters and life to focus on so, and understandably, most people do not want to spend hours in an attorney's office to take care of their will documents.  Our practice efficiently executes this work over email and the phone as needed by our clients.