Families are made and happen in creative, dynamic ways.  We will support you at every step. 

     Step-parent and relative adoption is becoming more and more prevalent given the prominence in blended families.  If you have come to parent a child and want to make it official either through formal conservatorship or adoption, come talk with us about it.   

     Singles and couples can look to adopt domestically either privately or through the foster care system.  Private adoption involves matching with a birth parent(s) either through an agency or on your own, making a plan and becoming the legal parent after the child is born.  Adopting a child in foster care entails becoming a foster parent and adopting a child that has been or becomes “legally freed” from his or her biological parents.  International adoption involves working with an agency to match with a child overseas often in congregate care, and following careful steps before bringing that child home.

     It can be a little overwhelming to even get started in understanding the spectrum of your options.  Let us help you get up to speed on that.


     Whatever path you choose, it is crucial that you have counsel and feel confident and completely supported by your lawyer.